Preliminary Programme

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Saturday 28.05.2016

9:00 - 17.00 NOBOS board meeting
19:00- 21:00 Get-together: Hvalasafnið (Whale museum)

Sunday 29.05.2016

8:30 - 9:00 Opening Ceremony
  Joint session: Pain Management
  Key note speaker: Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf MD, Minneapolis
  Pain Management
  Key note speaker: Faith Gibson, Clinical Professor of Children's and Young People's Cancer Care
  Free papers
  National meetings
  Horse show at Fákasel
  NOBOS dinner at Tryggvaskáli, Selfoss

Monday 30.05.2016

  Joint session: Ethics
  Key note speaker: Bert Molevijk, associate Professor Clinical Ethics at the Department of Medical Humanities of the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam.
  Key note speaker: Kristian Juusola, RSCN. PPSHP. RSCN, Clinical Ethics & Haemophilia
  Free Papers
  Gala dinner at Harpa Music Hall

Tuesday 31.05.2016

  Late effects: Kersti Pekenen
  Free papers
  Lunch to go
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