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Dear invited speakers, guests and sponsors,

It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.


On behalf of the Organizing committee and local organizers, we are cordially inviting you to the 36th annual NOPHO meeting and the 12th biannual NOBOS meeting. The history of collaboration between Lithuanian and Nordic pediatric oncologists lasts for almost two decades, and we are seeing an enormous benefit of it. As a result of this effort, Lithuania had recently become an official member of the NOPHO organization, and now we have a privilege for the first time to host the NOPHO annual meeting.

With the enormous achievements in survival in childhood cancer, which currently slowed down to some plato, novel therapeutic options are needed to be added to conventional treatment. On the other hand, advances can be attributed to the multidisciplinary nature of care delivery and research. This is why, apart from distinguished experts and scientists investigating targeted or immunotherapy for children with cancer, international experts in the field of pediatric surgery and radiotherapy are coming to sheer their knowledge. Furthermore, as nowadays we get more and more data on tumor etiology and predisposition, we are going to discuss positive and contradictory sides of this knowledge.

To make the full picture of multidisciplinary team, we are very happy to have the joint meeting with the NOBOS organization. The nurses are going to sheer their experience in psychological, rehabilitation, ethical issues to discuss the ways to improve the care of the patients and their quality of life both during the treatment and later in their life.

Not least, we do promise an exciting social program in the beautiful city of Vilnius with a rich medieval history and amazing baroque architecture.

We would like to thank all the speakers who are coming to sheer their knowledge and experience. Also, we are grateful to all the sponsors for their contribution to make the meeting possible. And of course, we appreciate an enormous assistance by the NOPHO webmaster Elisabeth Broby and congress secretariat Creativa.

Cordially welcome to Vilnius.

See you in June,

Goda Vaitkevičienė,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

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