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If you're displaying a poster at the NOBOS Conference in Vilnius - here's important information for you!

Poster exhibition

Saturday, June 2, 2018

14:30-15:00  Poster viewing

Sunday, June 3, 2018

10:45-11:15  Poster viewing
14:30-15:00  Poster viewing

Monday, June 5, 2018

10:00-10:30  Poster viewing
14:30-15:00  Poster viewing

Tuesday, June 4, 2018

10:00-10:30  Poster viewing

All presenters must be registered to Congress till 11 of May.

Prepare Your Poster

Each presenter is provided with a 2.5 m high by 1 m wide poster board. Your posters should be no bigger than A0 format (Vertical)

  • Place the title of your paper prominently at the top of the poster board to allow viewers to identify your paper.
  • Highlight the authors’ names and contact information in case the viewer is interested in more information.
  • Prepare diagrams or charts legibly in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 1,5-2 meters.
  • Be creative by using different font sizes, styles, and colours.
  • Organize the presentation so it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory.
  • Include the background of your research followed by results and conclusions. A successful poster presentation depends on how well you convey information to an interested audience.

Poster Set-Up

  • Posters should be set up between 9:00- 12:00 on June 2.
  • Organizers will provide with material to attach the posters to poster boards.

Poster Removal

  • Posters must be removed by 13:00 June 5. Posters remaining after this time will be removed and recycled.


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