Conference 2012 - Uppsala

Conference 2012 - Uppsala

Uppsala, Sweden, 19-22 May 2012.

Main topics

  • Ethical considerations for end of life treatment/palliation.
  • Supportive and psychosocial care.

We are proud to announce two winners of the poster prize at the NOBOS Congress.

The local paper in Uppsala, Uppsala Nya Tidning, writes about the NOBOS and NOPHO Congresses (in Swedish).

The NOBOS Congress in Uppsala started on Saturday evening with a Rock'n'Roll-style get together at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.

There will be several meetings with working groups and boards at the congress. (Updated May 14th)

Practical issues such as climate, currency and electricity.

Check out the sponsors and exhibitiors at the congress.

There are a number of social events during the congress, such as the Get Together, the NOBOS Dinner and the Gala Dinner.


Getting to Uppsala is easy by air or by train. The city is located 40 minutes north of Stockholm.

At the NOBOS and NOPHO Congresses in Uppsala in May 2012, there was a tribute to the pioneers in pediatric oncology. Among other things, longtime NOBOS members Gitte Petersen and Margareta af Sandeberg were interviewed about the history of pediatric oncology nursing.

See the film here:

Dear NOPHO/NOBOS friends, colleagues, sponsors and guests!

On behalf of the organizing committee, we have the great honour and pleasure to welcome you all to a historical meeting in Uppsala. The 30th anniversary for NOPHO, and the 9th meeting for NOBOS. We do hope that this meeting not only will be as memorable as previous NOPHO meetings, but also to be an inspiration for the future.


Our work as doctors, nurses and scientist rocks, as well as our organizations, and we do hope that our scientific program and the social program will rock you all!


Many prominent speakers are invited to cover important topics, ranging from “novel therapy for brain tumours” to “ethical aspects on pediatric oncology decisions”, see Main themes below. We also hope for a lot of scientific contributions from our NOPHO and NOBOS members. This will as usual be an important part of the program.

A special section on Monday afternoon is about NOPHO/NOBOS history and future. Our Grand old men and ladies will join us in a program with a panel discussion where also the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation plays an important role. They celebrate their 30th anniversary as well during 2012. This will give us an opportunity to make the gala dinner extra glamorous at Uppsala castle.

The meeting would not be possible without funding and we are very grateful to all sponsors and especially to our Gold sponsors and to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

We look forward to meet you all in Uppsala to enjoy science and Rock´n Roll together!


Britt-Marie Frost
Eva Turup

NOBOS wishes to thank all participants, lecturers, and the organizing committee working at the 2012 Congress in Uppsala.

If you want to re-visit your favourite lecture, NOBOS members have access to (almost) all presentations and abstracts from the congress - as well as from several previous congresses. Just log in and start browsing!

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PS... there is also a gallery with photos from both the serious daytime activities as well as the more laid-back social program.



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