NOBOS is a society for nurses working with pediatric oncology in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as Lithuania. NOBOS was established in Reykjavik in 1998. 
The aim of NOBOS is to coordinate knowledge and exchange ideas in nursing care. NOBOS arranges a conference every second year and is governed by a board. As a registered member at NOBOS you have access to extra features, such as research from previous conferences etc.

Join NOBOS! 

NOBOS invites nurses to join in supporting and developing the pediatric oncology nursing profession.

Membership in NOBOS offers nurses great opportunities to update and expand pediatric oncology nursing and to exchange information with colleagues in the Nordic countries. The professional and personal benefits of being an active member of this vibrant and growing organization might help you to meet your everyday challenge in pediatric oncology nursing.

NOBOS membership benefits includes:

Becoming a part of a large Nordic  pediatric oncology nursing network.

Getting access to a special membership site on nobos.org including access to abstracts, presentations etc. from NOBOS conferences.

Making contact with other nurses working in pediatric oncology in the Nordic countries easier.

An opportunity to influence the future work of NOBOS, such as in working groups.

Reduced cost for attending the NOBOS Conferences.

Opportunity to apply for funding to attend NOBOS conferences.

The membership fee is 75 DKK per year (approximately €10 per year).